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Things to do this bank holiday

Its half term and the kids are on a school break, and you are wondering what to do with the them? Panic over, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide and tips on fun things to do with your little ones and not so little ones over the school break.

For some of these suggestions, you may have to be creative, whilst others require looking for bargain tickets on or offline, but hey, that’s all part of the fun!

Visit a Museum

The Museum can turn out to be an amazing day out as well as educational for the kids. They can learn cool and interesting things ranging from history to geography.

The national history museum in London is a firm favourite amongst kids, however you can still visit your local museums and have a great time

The guys at Money Saving Expert have prepared a comprehensive list of free museums and art galleries you can visit depending on where you live.

Visit Major Attractions

A local zoo, national park, or the aquarium will keep the kids busy and entertained. It is also a great way to explore the outdoors.

National rail have an ongoing 2for1 days of with the kids deal, all you need to do is buy a national rail ticket (it could be a stop before the final destination) and download the vouchers on their website.

Things to do with this deal includes Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, Tower of London, and lots more.

Theatre and musical productions

If your little one is interested in art and music, taking them to the theatre is a wonderful way of introducing them to the world of art and music. There are lots of free and paid theatre shows around the country, just make sure you make it a day out they will never forget.

Theatre online holds a comprehensive list of theatres near you.

Going to the Cinema

Are the kids getting bored with day time TV? why not take them to the movies, it doesn’t have to be expensive either, you can buy cinema tickets for as little as £1.75 . Click on the links for the cinema closest to you, screening at the below cinemas takes place most weekends and school holiday mornings.

Cineworlds Movie for Juniors costs £1.75 for each ticket.

Vue also have a deal called Mini Mornings and it costs £2.49 per ticket.

Odeon is a little bit more pricey with their tickets going for £2.50 each on their Odeon kids deal

Things to do indoors

You don’t feel like taking the kids out? No problem, we’ve got you covered. The below are ideas of things you can do

  1. Enjoy a baking session with the kids,Flora have a list of delicious and yummy recipes to try out with the kids, which includes our household favourite Banana Cupcakes (YUM, YUM, YUM).
  2. Rediscover your artistic self by being creative with the kids, check out Netmums for ideas and tips.
  3. Board games like scrabble, monopoly can be fun and educational.
  4. Making stuff with cereal and cardboard boxes. Exciting things like doll houses, cars and so on

Things to do outdoors

You can let them loose in the garden, activities like treasure hunt, building their own tents, biking, scootering or simply helping out with the gardening can create hours and hours of fun!

Hanging out at the poolside

Pop into one of your local swimming pools with the kids for a nice swim and while you are there, you could use the sauna (just make sure there is another adult looking after them).

Visit the Library

Okay okay, we know, schools out! but you and the kids can discover great books and some libraries hold events to entertain the kids during the holiday. Your bookworm would also thank you for it!

Do you have more ideas you would like to share with other parents? we would be happy to hear from you, why not leave a comment below

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